Have you ever heard of tamago kake gohan(TKG)?
It is the simplest of Japanese dishes, but very flavorful.
The TKG at this restaurant is special; the egg whites are meringue and have the most wonderful fluffy texture.
It is very tasty with a little bit of oyster soy sauce or truffle oil.
You can choose from a variety of eggs, some with white yolks and some with two yolks. The white egg in the photo has two yolks!
Sushi and sukiyaki are great, but you should definitely try tkg as well!

The photo shows a superb TKG set meal at “Tamago no Ohanashi” in Kichijoji, Tokyo.






  1. Is there anything different about the appearance of an egg with two yolks? Eggs with white yolks are interesting too.

  2. They’re a little bigger because they have two yolks, but they look just like regular eggs. I don’t know why, but it is said that they are laid naturally. The reason why the yolk is white is because the chickens feed on rice.

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